Caramel Wedding Favors - Box of 125

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Caramel Wedding Favors - Box of 125
Satisfy your guests' sweet tooth with our delicious Caramel Wedding Favors. Each caramel wrapper features one of fourteen assorted unique quotes about love on one side and "Sweet Bouquet" on the other. Sold in boxes of 125, they coordinate perfectly with the loving atmosphere created by your special event. These caramels make great favors for weddings and showers! Your guests will love the sweet treat and the loving inspirations that come with each favor.
  • Sold in boxes of 125
  • 14 assorted quotes in each box:
    • "When your heart is full of love, your life is full of love."
    • "Through adversity, love. Through difficulties, love. Through hard times, love. Love, always love."
    • "Love overcomes confusion. Love overcomes concern. Love overcome all. So love, always love."
    • "In your thoughts of others, think only of goodness, of helping, and of loving; then you think as you should."
    • "A little love can do a lot."
    • "The strength of the love in your heart is seen by the love you share with others."
    • "Be wise by being loving."
    • "Truth and understanding, love and compassion, faith and hope, overcome all."
    • "In your heart, put only love, then no matter what can only feel love."
    • "To understand another is difficult. So don't try, just love them."
    • "It takes love to understand the feeling of others and love to answer their that love."
    • "A man truly becomes a man when he learns how to love."
    • "Loving others brings joy. Praising others brings happiness. Sharing with others brings hope."
    • "The fruit of love is more love."
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