Jon Hart Personal

We loveJon Hart makeup bags. Utterly versatile and extremely stylish, they will suit your every need. Crafted of durable coated canvas trimmed in fine English leather and heavy duty zippers that will never give out. The front leather panel can be personalized with your name or initials in hot stamp or gold or silver foil.

The Chico for Home or Travel

From our line of Jon Hart makeup bags, the Chico just may be the most versatile. Stylishly compact in design, this bag is perfect for storing jewelry, makeup, and other small items, whether you’re keeping them at home or taking them on-the-go. This slim bag also comes with a flat, gusseted bottom, allowing you to stand it up on a counter or dresser. Available in full leather or canvas and leather combo, and a range of colors in each, this bag also offers the option of a personalized leather stamp to identify the owner. For air travel, the TSA approved  Airport Chico’s see-through shell will speed you right through any security checkpoints.  

Card Cases for Convenience and Discretion

Of course, there are times when carrying a bag might be inconvenient, but you still need to keep your essentials close by. For concerts, hiking trips, or nights spent on the dance floor, Jon Hart’s card cases provide a stylish way to carry your keys, ID, and credit card without any cumbersome bulk. Available in 13 vibrant colors, these leather cases offer a variety of options for a personalized stamp, including a range of timeless symbols or even your initials.

A Makeup Case to Store Your Favorite Cosmetics

No matter your age, gender, lifestyle, or brand preference, quality cosmetics do not come cheap. We invest in these products, though, because experience has taught us that good makeup is completely worth the cost. To help protect this investment, we offer Jon Hart’s makeup case in canvas or leather. Its oblong, flat-bottom design and soft, pliable leather-trimmed handle make it ideal for home or travel. This case offers the same customization options offered for all of our Jon Hart makeup bags, including an array of colors in both canvas and leather. This bag can be seen in hundreds of dorm rooms, as well as on the dressing table of the most well-heeled women. It is an absolute necessity for most women.

The Catch All for Everything Else

Boasting an elegant look and a clever design, Jon Hart’s Catch All is a stylish bowl that easily flattens for easy transport. It may look like a simple square of leather and canvas, but a quick fastening of the corners with easy-to-use snaps creates a catch all bowl for keys, jewelry, watches, or any other small item you may treasure. The vintage-inspired style makes it a chic addition to any table, counter, or dresser. Ideal to slip into your luggage for hotel travel.  It will keep everything secure in one place. What’s more, the shell comes in your choice of 16 vibrant colors, with any personalized touches you may desire.

Offering You the Very Best

As our catalogue will show, we strive to provide personal bag options for every lifestyle need. While we value practicality, we also cherish beauty. At Gracious Bridal, we understand that our customers shouldn’t have to compromise one for the other. That’s why we take such pride in offering Jon Hart makeup bags. Visit our online catalogue today to see if we have just the right product for you or your loved one. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to helping you find the perfect item!