Jon Hart Totes & Handbags

At Gracious Bridal, we’ve become extremely fond of Jon Hart Designs. Their blend of simple elegance and easy customization has made it the most popular luggage and tote bag line in Texas and beyond. Handmade in San Antonio, only the finest materials are used. We’ve included a broad selection for our own customers to suit virtually any age, gender, and lifestyle. Whether you’re a young student, trailblazing professional, bride-to-be, a busy parent—or perhaps shopping for any of those people—you’re sure to find your perfect fit somewhere within this line of Jon Hart tote bags and handbags.

Stylish Totes

First and foremost, let’s start with Jon Hart tote bags. Our catalogue includes options for virtually any taste and need, from large and bold to compact and discreet. Our selection would be nothing without the design that started it all, the Jon Hart Tote. Its roomy size, elegant style, and practical design have set the gold standard for this line of tote bags.

The Petite Left Bank offers a more discreet, compact size, without sacrificing roominess or those indispensable pockets for keys, cell phones, and more. For those who prefer a big, bold design, the Highland Park tote comes in bright blocks of color of your choosing, allowing you to carry your school colors, family crest tones, or just your favorite hues, wherever you go.

Clever Handbags

Through our selection of Jon Hart handbags, we strive to honor the varied needs of women on-the-go. The Burly bag provides a roomy design with a stylish, oblong shape that folds and zips shut with ease. The see-through Clear Becky is an ideal choice for trips that involve security checkpoints, like concert venues, stadiums, or airports. For those who wish to carry nothing more than their ID, cash, and maybe credit cards, the Bolsita offers the perfect fit in a range of colors with a secure wrist-strap.

Offering So Much More

Our selection of Jon Hart handbags and totes doesn’t end with the general, everyday needs of our customers. We’ve made sure to include designs for specific lifestyles as well as special events. The Jon Hart diaper bag offers sophistication as well as durability, with a range of personalization options to boot. The recent addition to Jon Hart is the Game Day Tote. Crystal clear vinyl trimmed with their gorgeous signature leather in a color of your choice. Personalize it with your name or initials. Great for football games, and concerts where bags are checked. For those on the go, or for brief getaways, the Jetsetter offers sophisticated style in addition to plenty of room and zippered enclosures.

Providing You With the Very Best

As versatile as our selection of Jon Hart tote bags is, it’s just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. At Gracious Bridal, we also offer laundry bags, shaving kits, sporting bags, and anything else you might need by Jon Hart Designs. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or a loved one, we want to make sure you find a bag that suits your exact specifications while meeting our high standards of quality and style. We hope you’ll enjoy exploring our Jon Hart collection, and that you won’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have.