Your wedding will no doubt be one of the biggest days of your life. You’ll have the help of videos and pictures to make the experience live on. Why not give your guests a little something extra to help them do the same? A wedding keepsake is the perfect “thank you” to your guests. Something small and simple can be a great touch, or surprise them with a more unique token to remember your special day. Whichever route you choose, personalized wedding keepsake gifts are a touching way to show your appreciation to your guests for their support.

Picture Frames

You can never have too many picture frames, which is why they make great gifts and perfect personalized wedding keepsake gifts. Guests can use the frames for a picture they already have or reserve it for a special picture from the wedding. Use the picture frame to display table numbers or the guests seating assignment. It’s a creative way to get double use out of an item. Use it at the wedding reception and then repurpose it in your home, or give it as a gift to your mother or new mother-in-law as a memento of a special event.  

Something with Personality

If you want to give your guests something with a little pizzazz,  personalizing a gift is a great way to go. Using initials or a monogram sets personalized wedding keepsake gifts apart. Guests know that each gift was personally tailored for them and that extra thought was put into preparing their keepsake.

If you want to play it safe, a notepad always comes in handy and makes a perfect gift because anyone can utilize it. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box! It’s always fun to get something a little different, like a customized card holder. You can switch it up, too. Provide koozies for the guys and monogrammed compacts for the ladies! You know your guests, so have fun with your keepsakes and pick items you know they will enjoy.

Go with the Non-traditional

There are no rules when it comes to personalized wedding keepsake gifts, which is what makes choosing them both fun and challenging. Selecting something that can easily receive everyday use is a great option, but so is picking something that, while not used daily, is sure to remind guests of you when they utilize it. A cheese tray is an absolute must for the kitchen, but not an item that everyone owns, making it a unique keepsake. They’ll certainly think of you whenever they use the kit during a dinner party, especially if you personalize it with their initials.

Whatever keepsakes you choose, your guests will surely appreciate the gesture. It’s your big day, so pick something that reflects you as a couple. Gracious Bridal provides a wide assortment of personalized wedding keepsake gifts so that you can find exactly what you’re looking for.