Monogrammed Soaps - Assorted Scents

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Monogrammed Soaps - Assorted Colors and Scents
Not just any soap - this soap is triple milled. Engraved in your choice of 7 fonts, monogram or name, it is a perfect gift for the holidays, bridesmaids, co-workers, and excellent to bring as a hostess gift. 3 personalized soaps presented in a gift box with a display top.

What does triple milled mean? It refers to the method of processing the soap. It is run through the presses three times, squeezing out air and water, making it extra dense. The glycerin byproduct is pressed back into the soap to make it more gentle and smooth. Fragrance and exfoliants are added during the milling process, giving a much more intense scent. This makes a harder soap which will last much longer that common bath soap.

Nine scents available:

White Tulips and Hyacinth: A soft White Soap with gentle floral fragrance, both sweet & romantic. Contains shea butter & aloe for moisturizing effects; Vitamin E to help maintain youthfulness. Luxuriously beautiful.

Milk Chocolate Truffle: MMmmmm. Top off dessert with a slow bath and this Chocolate colored soap - you won't want to leave the tub. Contains shea butter, aloe & Vitamin E.

Aspen Mint with Fresh Lime: Soap has an oatmeal color, and is invigoratingly fresh. Contains fresh mint extract to cool your skin with coconut oil for moisturizing it.  Sea salt and mint leaves gently exfoliate.

Mandarin Mango: White Soap with orange flecks. A great way to wake up in the morning!  This soap has a refreshing citrus scent. Shea and Mango butter provides moisturizing, Vitamins C and E provide youthfulness, Orange Zest for exfoliating - you just provide the skin!

Kiwi Starfruit: Light green soap. Another fragrant citrus soap with a tropical scent.  Shea butter for moisturizing, palm oil to soften, and kiwi seeds for gentle exfoliation.  A spa built into a bar of soap!

Cherries Jubilee:  Lather it up with our Pink Cherry Soap! Scoops of sugar crystals gently exfoliate while the shea butter moisturizes your skin.  Totally fat free yet utterly delicious.

Raspberry Mint Tea: White Soap with Red Flecks that is absolutely refreshing!  Shea butter for moisturizing, Vitamin E for elasticity and raspberry seeds for gentle exfoliation. Aaaahhh!

Fresh Linens: White Soap that has a crisp, clean scent. Shea butter, aloe and Vitamin E for that perfect combination of a great scent and excellent properties. 

Long Stemmed Roses: Soft Pink with a soothing scent.  The sweet fragrance of roses topped off with Shea butter, Vitamin E and Aloe. Perfect!

PLEASE NOTE: If you choose a monogram, be sure to enter it in the order of First, LAST, middle.

$20.00 for a gift box set of 3 personalized soaps.