Personalized Plaid Silk Lavender Eye Pillows

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Personalized Plaid Silk Lavender Eye Pillows
An elegant eye-pillow to whisk them away to place of relaxation and serenity is just what your busy bridesmaids need! Each eye-pillow is generously hand-crafted in the USA with your favorite plaid pattern. Filled with aromatic French Lavender these eye-pillows allow for a calming and enjoyable experience with a stylish look. Customize each with an initial embroidered in either a Script of Classic Block Font. The lavender will stay fragrant for up to 5 years, so long as you continue to gently squeeze the eye pillow, releasing the intoxicating scent of any unopened lavender flowers. Complete with a zippered enclosure, these eye pillows can be re-filled or dry-cleaned with convenience. Pamper your girls (and your self) with this great, personalized spa gift!
  • Initial embroidered in White Thread
  • Handmade in the USA!