Personalized Stationery & Paper

Are you looking for cute and stylish gifts for your bridal party or wedding guests? Do you need fun favors or decorations for the ceremony or reception? If you’re looking for ideas for gifts that will be as functional as they are memorable, you’ll love our elegant wedding stationery. We are proud to offer only the finest stationery items, perfect for scrapbooking, decoration, gifts and favors. 

Our elegant wedding stationery collection includes: 

Personalize Your Wedding Stationery

Since most of our products are fully customizable, they can be designed for other special events, such as baby showers, birthday or anniversary parties, grand openings, and fundraisers. If you have a creative idea that you’d like to use with one of our paper products, please let us know. We love helping to inspire you and figure out what will work for your ceremony. We have many great color and font options to choose from.

Advice Cards 

Don’t forget about the bachelorette party when shopping for stationery. These Advice for Bachelorette Coasters provide a fun way for your guests to share their words of wisdom with you at your bachelorette party. Have each guest sign their name at the bottom, or if you wish, you can have them keep their words anonymous and make a game out of trying to guess which of your friends filled out each card. Whether they choose to make the advice funny or sentimental is up to them, but either way, you’ll have a blast reading them for years to come. 

Sticky Notes 

Sticky notes make a great wedding favor. We all know how handy these little notes are, and with our great customization options, your guests will be reminded of your special day every time they make a grocery list or leave a note for someone they love. If you’re looking for sticky notes that are as pretty as they are useful, check out our Personalized Custom Sticky Note Cube. They can be printed with a monogram, initials, or your name, and they come in a wide selection of color, style, and font choices. 

Gracious Bridal: Your Source for Elegant Wedding Stationery 

Here at Gracious Bridal, we understand that your wedding is about your idea of romance, not anyone else’s. Planning your big day is a lot of work, and we are here to help you decide upon the little details that will make your ceremony, reception, and bachelorette party representative of your unique love story.

If you need help deciding on elegant wedding stationery or need to choose some stationery items for another special event, please contact us today. With our flexibility, experience, and daring sense of creativity, we will stop at nothing to ensure you end up with the personalized gifts and accessories you need.