Personalized Travel Tea Tins - Patterns

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Personalized Travel Tea Tins - Patterns

A calming cup of hot tea is just what we turn to in our hectic lives. You can enjoy the soothing properties whenever needed with this convenient travel tea tin stashed in your handbag or pocket. Each tea tin is personalized with a custom printed label in your choice of 5 styles and 6 colors to match the color and theme of your event. They are exceptionally sweet favors sure to be welcomed by your guests. Ideal for weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, and ladies functions.

Each personalized travel tea tin measures 3.5” in diameter and is filled with three round tea bags ready for brewing. The tea bags are English style without strings and tags. Select either our Jasmine Tea, light and delicate with an intense fragrance; or choose our popular White Tea, soft and subtle.

Personalization: Available in 5 styles - herringbone, stripes, floral, dots or swirl. Six colors to choose from: blue, brown, pink, red, green and orange. The images below indicate how many characters are available for each line. The number of characters vary by style, so please choose accordingly.

This item ships in 4 business days. If you need rush processing, please email or contact us at 800.640.9122 and we will be happy to assist you.

$2.70 each, minimum order of 20

MORE TEA DETAILS THAN YOU PROBABLY WANT TO KNOW: These are high end teas from Japan, which has been in the tea trade for centuries, and it is a very ceremonial event there.  As a person that would choose tea over coffee any day, I prefer quality teas not found in your local grocery stores. This is why we have chosen this line from the mountainous region of Japan.
The jasmine tea is made of high quality green tea that is infused with Jasmine flowers and allowed to dry together. They are mixed gently then packaged.
The White tea, is to many tea connoisseurs, the finest of all teas. It is made of small tea leaves from very young plants and has a more subtle flavor.
Both of these teas are considered “pure”. Many teas have impurities, especially the mid to lower range qualities. Also, because we source from the West Coast, they are imported in small batches, meaning that they do not sit in our distribution center any longer than 2-3 weeks. This is fresher than you will even find in most tea-houses.