Personalized Winter Wedding Floor Decal

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Personalized Winter Wedding Floor Decal
Ideal for creating the perfect winter wonderland, this Custom Floor decal will personalize your wedding reception! Bride and Grooms first names accent a large, script initial celebrating the couples new last name! This decal is cut from a thin, yet rugged, vinyl that stays put and creates a hand-painted effect. Around the central decal, you can arrange your 12 unique snowflake designs, ranging from 5" to 12" sizes. These beautiful snow flurries will transform your dance floor! Order an additional set of 12 snowflakes for $79.00 to create a truly breath-taking effect! Available in 32 eye-catching colors, you can choose to coordinate the personalized decal to your snowflake decals or choose a contrasting color! Your guests will feel as though they have been whisked away to a romantic, winter setting!
  • Includes large monogram decal with names and initials and a set of 12 snowflake decals.
  • Size is measured from the top of the design to
Starting at $225.00 Each!