Spa & Fragrances

What girl doesn’t love some much needed “me” time at the spa? Your wedding day is a special celebration that involves careful planning, and you know you couldn’t do it without your bridal party. From hosting wedding showers to planning the big bachelorette party weekend, your bridal party is a significant part of your big day. Return the favor and treat your girlfriends to some relaxation and at-home pampering with one of our spa gifts for bridesmaids


Few things are more relaxing than a hot bath. Harney & Sons infusion bath teas turn relaxation time into absolute bliss. Simply hang the bag from the faucet and let their invigorating aroma fill the room. All you need to do afterwards is put on your silk lavender eye pillow, lie back, and enjoy!

Candles make great spa gifts for bridesmaids because they are extremely versatile. For a soothing touch, we love the Custom Seda France Wedding candles, available in five styles and ten different scents such as lavender, mandarin, ocean, and tangerine vanilla. Take it a step further and get your candles customized with a monogram. Monograms are displayed on the glass of the candle itself and also custom designed on the box, giving your candles the ultimate personal touch. 

Monogrammed Items

There’s nothing better than receiving a gift with a meaningful touch. Personalize your spa gifts for bridesmaids by including their initials or full names on their own fun, brightly colorful beach towel. Or, brighten up your bridesmaids’ bathroom sinks with monogrammed soap that looks and smells amazing.

Totes and Bags

Putting together a spa package is always a fun idea with plenty of options. Include some scented items, candles, bubble bath, and whatever else you think your lucky ladies will enjoy. Don’t forget about the bag to put it all in! Give your gift extra style by packing it in a gorgeous handmade Jon Hart tote bag.

A tote is the perfect addition to spa gifts for bridesmaids because they’ll be able to get daily use out of their new bag. Jon Hart totes and makeup bags are extremely durable, customizable, and available in multiple colors.

If you don’t want to put your own spa gift together, pick up a few of our Monogrammed Total Relaxation Kits. Each kit includes a wooden nail/toe brush, pumice stone, wood accented mirror, loofah sponge, and an exfoliating back scrubber.

Spa gifts for bridesmaids are a thoughtful way to show your bridal party how much they mean to you. Give them some much needed relaxation with one of Gracious Bridal’s fragrance or spa gifts.