Wedding day sparklers are a fun way to add an extra pop of festivity to your special day. You don’t need to wait for the end of the night to enjoy their crackling glow. Get creative and make unforgettable memories by using sparklers for your special day.

Add Sparkle to the Ceremony

For unexpected impact at an outdoor wedding, incorporate sparklers into your ceremony. Have guests light them for a magical backdrop as you walk down the aisle at the end of your ceremony through a sparkler display. It’s a wonderful alternative to tossing rice or rose petals when exiting the wedding reception.  

Light Up the Dance Floor

For some serious wow-power and the best photo-op ever, lower the lights and ask guests to surround the dance floor with lit long-lasting sparklers for a beautiful backdrop to your first dance.

Take the Cake

Add a lively glow to your cake cutting ceremony with celebratory sparklers. Decorate your cake table with arrangements that include heart-shaped wedding sparklers or use them as cake toppers and light them right before you cut the cake.

Gift Your Guests with Unique Favors

Sparklers are fun and cost-efficient wedding favors. Give your guests ribbon-adorned sparklers with custom matchboxes for memorable favors that they can appreciate after your special day.

Take Inspired Photos

You can use sparklers to create imaginative and beautiful wedding photos. Using long-burning sparklers and a slow shutter speed, your photographer can capture stunning images.

Create a Memorable Send-off

Of course, the end-of-the-night reception exit is the classic use of wedding day sparklers. Guests line up outside the venue at the end of the night with lit sparklers and cheer as you leave to start your new life.

Choose the Right Sparklers for Every Use

With so many ways to use these whimsical accessories on your special day, it is important that you keep in mind each use when you buy wedding sparklers. Gracious Bridal offers a variety of wedding day sparklers to make it easy for you find the right product for each purpose.

All of our sparklers are high-quality, low-smoke sparklers made of sturdy steel wire for a safe and dazzling glow. With easy-to-light tips, our sparklers are a worry-free way to make your wedding moments extra special.

We offer a range of product lengths with different burn times, so you can match your sparklers to their purpose. Our 10" sparklers with a 35 second burn time are perfect for a first kiss display, while our 36" sparklers last three minutes or more and are ideal for creating dazzling photographs with fanciful designs. Our 20" Wedding Sparklers are the perfect length for a wedding reception exit. Each low smoke sparkler lasts for approximately 90 seconds.

Heart-shaped wedding sparklers add an extra romantic touch to any sparkler display or photograph. Your guests will notice and appreciate your impeccable attention to detail when you use these out-of-the-ordinary sparklers.

A Wedding That Shines

Our collection of sparklers will help you create the perfect atmosphere for your special celebration. We carry the highest quality of products that will add the extra details to make your wedding exceptional. Buy wedding sparklers from Gracious Bridal to make your special day dazzle.