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Gracious Bridal Has A Large Selection & Variety Of Wedding Favors To Choose From.
Feel Free To Browse All Of The Wedding Favor Sections Below.

Wedding favors are a creative and personal way to thank your guests; a memorable reflection of the style and mood of your event, and the personality of the couple. We have many choices of personalized favors, bridal shower favors, edible wedding favors and do it yourself favors. Consider the style of your wedding, the season, colors, theme, and the interests of you and your groom. The options are endless.

Browse All Of The Wedding Favor Sections Above

yhst-45786456985479-2269-514181914-82116-1404353016-1280-1280.jpgWedding favors have become something of a tradition at most weddings. While it isn’t obligatory that the bride and groom provide favors, it has become an expected part of the wedding reception. Wedding favors can be used as a way to say thank you to your guests for joining you in the celebration of your wedding day and often can provide a lasting reminder of that day. Your wedding favors don’t need to be really expensive items or budget breakers. There are plenty of affordable wedding favors to be purchased, or if you want to save more money you can always make your own by check out the DIY section below. 

Wedding favors should be complementary to the theme of the wedding whether it is in color, design theme or both. The decision should be made as to whether you want wedding favors that will last or the ones that are used at the reception or soon after. Many people simply provide personalized bubble containers to be blown at the happy couple or bags of birdseed to toss as they head off into their married life. Many times, the bride and groom will have one or both of these items and still have another wedding favor for the guest to take home. We think some of the best ideas for wedding favors are the ones that are useful instead of just “pretty”. Your guests will appreciate the favors more if they are something they can actually enjoy. 

Gracious Bridal offers you sophisticated and elegant wedding favors - all tastefully presented - and fully customizable. We stand 100% behind our products. So come on in and see why we are a favorite choice of event planners and wedding consultants. And if you have any questions, please feel free to email us, or give us a call. Your wedding is important to us! 

Useful wedding favors can fall into a couple different categories. They can be items that the guest might normally use personalized to your wedding or edible wedding favors that expand on the popular candy coated almond theme. Some of the useful wedding favor ideas that I like are; personalized shot glasses, bride and groom koozies with names and wedding date, candles, place holders that are actually small picture frames, bottle stoppers engraved with the wedding information, or the tried and true personalized matchboxes. All of these items are useful to your guests and provide a nice reminder of the hopefully good time they had at your wedding. Edible wedding favors also fall into the useful category and are always appreciated. Some ideas for edible wedding favors are; personalized mint tins, fun drink mixes, personalized bags of cookies, or various other candy items. The downside to edible favors are once consumed, they are gone. So, if you are looking for some sort of lasting reminder of your special day for your guests, they might not be the choice for you. 

Wedding favors can be made gender specific with one item chosen for male guests and another for your female guests. The catch with this one is favors need to be ordered or made way ahead of time and you might not have an exact count so I would suggest adding in some extras to compensate. Examples of male guest wedding favors might be; personalized golf balls, shot glasses, or can coolers. For your female guests you can consider; personalized purse hooks, lip balms, candles or shower gels. 

Whatever your choice or choices may be, wedding favors are a wonderful way of saying thank you to all of your guests for celebrating this special day with you.

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